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Graphic design, illustration and layout is the visual composition of any publication or presentation. RED, Inc. graphic designers can express your business’ identity through detailed illustrations or abstract designs. Visual presentation is communication. Whether marketing a product or interpreting technical data, RED, Inc. is committed to providing excellence in effective images. Go ahead, see for yourself!

RED, Inc. employs highly-skilled degreed graphic designers, web designers and developers, photographers, illustrators, and videographers who have more than 100 years of combined experience producing award-winning communications products.

These individuals have an in-depth understanding of pre-press requirements, the use of guides, styles, and style sheets, the importance of color and typeface in the overall design, designing materials that correlate to the overall theme and goals of the project. The team of talent creates products, such as:

  • Public relations materials
  • 3-D animated prototypes
  • National television commercials
  • Billboards
  • Displays
  • Complex web sites with database driven backend design
  • National marketing campaigns
  • Technical illustrations
  • 3-D model displays

RED, Inc. manages your project throughout the production process to ensure a quality end product. Searching for multiple vendors is frustrating and leads to miscommunication between sources. RED, Inc. takes care of the details to see your project through, from start to finish.


Structured Marketing Systems

The purpose of marketing is to demonstrate dynamic product and service awareness. RED, Inc. provides support to effectively market your business or project, establishing exposure and a professional image. Through web design, social media, ad campaigns, brochures, logo development, public events, public relations and media placement, RED, Inc. ensures your business is receiving the recognition it deserves.

The Northern Forest Futures Project is a window on tomorrow's forests, revealing how today's trends and choices can change the future landscape of the Northeast and Midwest. The Northern Forest Futures Project helps visualize what's here today and what to expect tomorrow. Ultimately, this project informs decision-makers about the sustainable management of public and private forests in the northern United States.


Cover image of the document

The Northern Forest Futures Project

Future Forests of the Northern United States Series

RED, Inc. graphic designers were responsible for template conceptualization, document layout and design, cover design, stock photography, and development of all charts and graphs to bring together a cohesive package for the publication. The document consisted of over 400 pages. This was one of five documents in a series designed by RED, Inc. graphic arts staff.