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Predominant Media Development

Whether you are looking for television or radio commercials, packaging or signage, technical animations or kiosk development, 
RED, Inc. graphic designers and copy writers are committed to perfecting your projects. RED, Inc. reaches your target audience through creative writing, stimulating graphics, 3D animation and proper media distribution. RED, Inc. will add the pizzazz to position your company as the industry leader.

In addition, RED, Inc. has the expertise to deliver multi-media learning products. Our multi-media staff understands how to communicate technical concepts to help students learn faster. Today’s software programs allow us to facilitate learning through engaging animations that bring concepts to life. While the software plays a key role, you still need professionals with: (1) the ability to work with subject matter experts to evaluate content, (2) the experience to interpret technical information, and (3) the expertise to use the software to create a visual explanation. We have all of those capabilities under one roof, as well as the project management support to ensure your project stays on budget and schedule!        


Ensured Audio/Video Excellence

Using high-quality photography and state of the art sound and video editing systems, RED, Inc. produces audio and video pieces for educational, commercial, technical and instructional purposes. Whether your needs are intended for broadcast, convention, training or classroom situations, RED, Inc. will communicate your message creatively and accurately.

The BLM wanted to create a series of videos to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1862 Homestead Act. The goal was to educate people about the significance of homesteading in our nation’s development. RED, Inc. produced five videos, shot on location, on historic homesteads in the West. 

Bureau of Land Management Homestead Act Video Project

Homestead Video and Flash Project

The first five videos required mobile HD video equipment (one site was accessible by boat only) and the ability to conduct field interviews, shoot cover footage, and execute production in the field. Our crew spent one day at each location. Advanced planning with the BLM’s field experts helped us understand what we needed to accomplish at each location. After the on location shoots, the company created rough scripts and rough cuts of the videos for client review. We incorporated client feedback, added graphics, and produced final cuts in a format designated by the BLM.

An additional five videos were shot in Idaho Falls and featured a BLM subject matter expert (SME) on homesteading history. We worked with the SME to provide a library of images we could shoot to cover the interviews.

For the flash timeline, RED, Inc. designers used a weathered board as the background and Old West font to give it the feel of the 1800’s and western expansion. The company conducted an extensive image search to locate appropriate pictures to match the text on the timeline. We used the BLM’s image archive, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives to locate appropriate images. The timeline was programmed to allow the viewer to click on individual years, use a slider to move the timeline, or use arrows to click forward and backward one slide at a time. Some entries include a link to BLM web pages that offer additional information.

This project shows RED, Inc.’s ability to produce a high quality multi-media experience for viewers. Please use the link,, to access a working version of the timeline.